Apple Partners With Accenture To Build Enterprise Apps: 5 Reasons Apple Is Winning The Developer War

Apple’s iOS has far less market share than Google’s Android. But, tech services giant Accenture recently announced it was partnering with Apple to build enterprise apps for its customers, in financial services and retail. Apple is maintaining its technology leadership by capturing the enterprise app developer community. Five reasons why enterprise capability is important for your business.

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Starbucks Closing Teavana Is A Long-Term Troubling Sign For Investors

In 2013, Starbucks claimed that teas drinks were among the fastest-growing drinks at Starbucks cafes. They expected to open more Teavana stores. On July 27 Starbucks announced that it was closing all 379 of its Teavana stores. While almost immaterial to the bottom line, this is the second time Starbucks closed an acquired company. Can Starbucks do anything well other than open new stores?

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