Understanding the demands of CEOs, Board Chairs and Lead Directors.

As the CEO of Soparfilm Energy and Spark Partners and former Chairman of Apex Interactive along with several other board positions, Adam has a clear understanding of the demands CEOs, Board Chairs and Lead Directors face in a rapidly changing world.

Demands are greater than ever as regulatory and compliance requirements soar. Whether an organization is for-profit or non-profit, they all face market shifts. Adam’s experience and expertise will show your Board and leadership team how to benefit from long-term relationship planning, adjusting and evolving with changing competition and customer needs. Adam executes and achieves these results through his program, Managing Status Quo Risk, which can help any business in any industry.

Managing Status Quo Risk is a program Adam developed for NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors) to help boards lower the risk of their company’s products and services becoming irrelevant. The program was implemented with several NACD members during 2013 with great success, for which Adam was named an NACD Fellow. Adam offers this program to any company through two different options:


Instead of reacting to a radically changing market, leaders can’t afford to wait – they need to plan and prepare. Cutting costs may buy your company time, but scenario planning and creating your own innovation strategies will force your competitors to react to you. It’s important to not only recognize Game Changers, but to embrace trends. Adam can help your board and leadership staff evaluate your industry’s market, identify your Status Quo Risk and implement company wide strategies for long term success. Schedule a time to talk with Adam about how he can help your Board and leadership staff.


Predicting the twists and turns in the marketplace isn’t impossible. In business, it’s not focusing on what you want to do that creates success – it’s doing what people want. Moving away from your core business can stop your company from becoming irrelevant and create long-term growth. Adam’s proven four step strategy approach can help your leaders and team discover the market shifts in your industry, determine your Status Quo Risk and find a solution. Adam can work with your executive staff on a continuous basis to aid in implementing innovation strategies.

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