Taking Adam’s thought-provoking keynotes into action.

Adam’s onsite workshops allow you to put his thought provoking keynotes into action. Through his four step exercises, your organization will learn how to understand and leverage trends, scenario plan, and overcome locked-in outdated strategies to beat the competition using “White Space” teams.

Adam and his team offer different workshops based on the type of event you’re looking to host that apply to any industry. Workshop options range from doing a half-day workshop, to developing a full plan with 4+ days of workshops implemented over the course of 2-6 months.

Half Day Workshop

One Day Workshop

2 Day Workshop

The Half Day Workshop is often paired with a company sales meeting or other training session. This workshop overviews the Phoenix Principle approach, then focuses your team on 1 or 2 key questions facing the business. We will help clarify your value proposition or investigate a customer opportunity with a long-term view toward growth options. With that foundation, we help address the key tactical decisions and robustly discuss those toward a decision.

The One Day Workshop is a good complement to a tradeshow or leadership meeting. This workshop reviews the company’s value proposition and competition along with how trends create opportunities. In this session, there is more time to identify critical trends and directly apply them to your company and customers. Your team learns how trends can help you make better decisions. We then apply trends to some immediate decisions you face for implementing the strategy. The day ends with tasks for your team to work on after the meeting for targeting investing and developing White Space opportunities.

The 2 Day Workshop expands on the day-long workshop provides a more detailed assessment and expansion of company value proposition. Your team will understand how your value proposition is different from your delivery mechanism and will examine how bias can cloud the value proposition. Then, we evaluate strengths of your value delivery mechanisms and of alternatives being developed in the marketplace. More time is spent evaluating competitors, especially emerging “fringe” competitors.

Next, we apply trend analysis independently to the value proposition (how it will evolve) and the value delivery system (how it will be impacted.) We explore what threatens the value delivery mechanisms as they exist now, and what new value delivery systems could emerge to augment or replace existing processes. We then turn to tools like the “Lazy L Matrix” to plot out investments today, and in the future. The workshop wraps up by identifying biases toward over-investing and situations to create White Space teams to explore high-potential opportunities.

Plan Development Program

The Plan Development Program applies the concepts of the 2 Day Workshop to a larger set of key allocation decisions across the business in priority order. The result is an integrated tactical plan for market and product rollout based on a strategy driven by market trends.

Using facilitation tools and training, company teams do the actual work that will help customize and internalize the process. This helps to make the company more agile and able to respond quicker to future market changes.

The Program involves a series of full day events with work done by your team between meetings. We will develop a final statement about your value proposition, a clear definition of the value delivery mechanisms, and threats to both by current and emerging competitors.

We dig deeply into trends to develop future scenarios that could make your current approach obsolete –not only incremental changes but any radical changes from new technologies, etc. This then leads to a commitment about where investments make sense to defend or grow what exists, and where new investments should be made. We also would set parameters for measuring trends to look for inflection points that will make the trend a market shift – a punctuated equilibrium. And we identify metrics to measure existing businesses and metrics for White Space projects based upon trends and goals for future revenues/profits.

Each workshop solution is designed with the intent that your company will create enough new, incremental revenues to repay the cost within 1 year. Also, we will seek ways to re-allocate resources, saving investments from overshooting customer needs in existing solutions to provide funds for new growth initiatives.

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