I was happy to end 2021 on a very high note.  Kaiser Health Network interviewed me on the future of pharmacies, based on my historically accurate forecasts for retailers. READ MORE I was delighted when this went semi-viral, being picked up by Yahoo!News, Salon, Washington Post and about a dozen other publications.

I’ve had a nearly 2 decade relationship with Vistage and its global network of CEOs. I was delighted to be interviewed about the best short-term and long-term goal setting process, giving all Vistage members my insights for success and how to use their planning processes to build a road to greater profitable growth. READ MORE    I’m looking forward to working with more Vistage groups and individual members in 2022 as their ambition for success continues growing.
I kicked off 2022 with a live webcast interview with International Market & Competitive Intelligence magazine, hosted by its Chief Editor Rom Gayoso.  As the changing world remains in fast-shifting overdrive leaders are increasingly looking for insights about the future. I’m delighted more keep asking how they can use my 30+ years of trend tracking to help them find the right stars to follow. Let me know by email or phone if you’d like to talk about how I can help your business grow stronger every year, despite the seeming chaos around us.  Here’s my interview with Rom Gayoso.


Lesson  – You are either growing, or you are dying. There is no “maintenance, status quo.”

For 2022, Spark Partners is offering its Master Class on strategic planning and innovation for HALF OFF!  That’s right, for just $495 you can get this 28 module course that shows you how to identify and follow trends, then build plans that leverage those trends for faster, more profitable growth.  There’s no similar tool in the marketplace.  A year in the making, this course provides an overview of the process I’ve used to build successful forecasts for investors and business leaders across companies of all sizes.


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Are you on “cruise control” running your business?

Ask yourself,  Are you trying to defend and extend what you’ve always done? Or are you meeting unmet customer needs, helping customers to grow and in turn growing yourself? If you’re the former, get ready for a rude awakening.


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Did you see the trends, and were you expecting the changes that would happen to your demand? It IS possible to use trends to make good forecasts, and prepare for big market shifts. If you don’t have time to do it, perhaps you should contact us, Spark Partners.  We track hundreds of trends, and are experts at developing scenarios applied to your business to help you make better decisions.

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