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Netflix Demonstrates the Value of the Strategic Pivot

Faced with open criticism from the board, the Netflix CEO followed the trends, watched competition and monitored technology to make just the right moves at just the right time.  Adam Hartung discusses the lessons from this series of pivots and key take-aways for boards and company leaders.

Encyclopedia Embraced Technology to Automate the Past, Missed Disruption

From Western Union running lines for Bell’s new telephone company to Encyclopedia Britannica using desktop publishing to automate printing, companies have missed disruptive innovations by looking backward.  Adam Hartung presents these lessons and how to capture disruption.

The Value of Board Diversity for Creating Long-Term Value

Companies start with a strong value proposition, which they entrench into a value delivery system.  Far too often focus shifts to maximizing operations of the value delivery system, and new solutions appear which snatch the value proposition away from the market leader. Diverse boards are able to spot these long-term trends and keep the focus on adapting the value delivery system to include new technologies and ways of doing business.

Big Data

Working with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Adam has helped Boards of Directors understand the critical, powerful role of information and digital technology for ALL businesses, regardless of historical markets, customers or assets.  In an “information economy” everyone has to use information for strategic advantage. In this video Adam introduces several colleagues who overview what Big Data is, how it can be used and why it is so important for management teams in all industries.

Embracing Disruption

Working with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), Adam introduces several colleagues and takes viewers of this video on an understanding of disruptive innovations and the need to understand them in all businesses.  Markets are changing faster than ever, and Apple demonstrated that if you understand trends you can go from near-bankruptcy to the most valuable traded company in America in just 10 years.  In a disruptive world, the opportunities are limitless for all companies.

A Brave New World

Working with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD,) Adam introduces us (with colleagues) to the importance of knowledge for driving profits in an information economy. Knowledge is most important for understanding and interpreting trends, and thinking about how the markets will change going forward, requiring companies to change. But most Boards are historically focused, and spend insufficient time discussing trends and how future market shifts threaten the existing business, while creating opportunities for game changers.

Advice From CIO to Board member

Adam Hartung, Founder of Spark Partners and Board member, gives advice on how boards need to assure that management is watching for disruptive innovations that could affect the survival of the firm.



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