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Adam’s eye opening speeches show organizations how to deal with market shifts and align with trends to grow.

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Adam’s engaging sessions guide you to uncover the status quo risks in your business and identify game changing opportunities in your industry.

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Adam works with your Board and leadership team to help understand market shifts faster and to reduce Status Quo Risk, leading to improved competitive performance and deeper links to market needs.

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Organizations today struggle to maintain dominant market positions. When focusing on your core threatens to make your business irrelevant, due to fast changing markets, predicting future twists and turns seems impossible.  When you fear being “Amazoned” or  “Ubered” or “AirBnB” disrupted, your organization needs guidance — and fast.

Adam Hartung’s 20 plus years of experience developing and implementing successful business strategies to take advantage of new innovations and technologies  have made him a worldwide leading speaker on innovation and harnessing disruptions for growth. As a Leadership Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and as the No. 1 Leadership columnist for, with over 50 million readers since 2009, Adam has been featured in publications such as Rolling StoneThe Week and BBC Television for his bold market predictions — which have all come true. Through a rich collection of case studies and stories, Adam can show your audience how to recognize and become a game changer, develop new businesses, create new products and seize hidden marketplace opportunities.




Facebook Launches “Portal” – Why You Want to Pay Attention

Facebook’s latest innovation, Portal, integrates with Alexa, Instagram, and other technologies to enhance personal network communications. The stock of Facebook is well off its recent high so could this be an attempt to rebuild its reputation as an innovator? A closer look at Portal shows it has the potential to be a social media disruptor.

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New ebook from Adam Hartung on Facebook

In the recently published, "Facebook- The Making of a Great Company", Adam Hartung analyzes the rise of Facebook and its impact on the financial community, business marketing and innovation. Adam's posts over the years have predicted key milestones in Facebook's...

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Ron Zoromski

Adam Hartung, author of Create Marketplace Disruption, was my guest speaker at a recent FEI Career Management Group Breakfast. Adam did an excellent job of enlightening the group …

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Juli Bohm

It is rare that we have a speaker so engaging and so loaded with key insights that most people miss. We always pack the house when Adam speaks. He locks-in and fully engages the audience …

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Rachel Patterson

Adam Hartung presented to our University of Chicago Booth School of Business’ Consulting Roundtable (CRT). His presentation focused on how to galvanize our companies and clients — insights …

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Gregory C. Vrablik

Just wanted to let you know that the Members and I enjoyed your presentation and found it to be insightful and impactful. We continue to discuss different aspects of your presentation and, in particular, use your “locked-in” concept… especially during these...
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Bill Durkin

Your recent presentation to The Association for Corporate Growth CEO group was remarkable. The feedback we got from the leaders who attended was outstanding. Your researched based …

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Sandy Weissent

Adam, THANK YOU! The compliments just keep on rolling in about your presentation to our Members and guests. YOU WERE TERRIFIC and we really appreciate your time and insights!
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Sudhakar Ramakrishna

Adam presented practical, actionable viewpoints to our management team. Using a combination of examples and specific to-dos, he explained how we can avoid a lock-in mindset that has resulted …

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Robert H. Ecker

Adam Hartung, author of Create Marketplace Disruption, was my guest speaker at a recent FEI Career Management Group Breakfast. Adam did an excellent job of enlightening the group on the concepts in his book,

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John N. Younker

First, let me recommend you strongly consider Adam Hartung’s presentation. It was very well received and valued by my two audiences – all 5s out of 5. I believe that Adam’s presentation couldn’t come …

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William V. Adams

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Excellent job at the FSA Spring Meeting in Savannah, Georgia. Many members came up to me and indicated you were one of the best speakers we have had at any of our meetings. Your topic was very timely and helps all of us clarify the...
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