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How Current Trends Affect your Tomorrow

by | Jun 8, 2017 | 0 comments

Jay Baer, Author of Hug Your Haters wrote recently, “Read and read and read, then study.”  You can spot fringe competitors or “the next big thing” by synthesizing information from many sources.

Here’s a start with  three of my recent blog posts from Forbes.  Enjoy and click below to follow me on Forbes. Thanks!

The Trend To Facebook Referrals Is A Risk To Google Searchfacebook now refers more than google

In website analytics Referrals category, Facebook is now driving more referral traffic to websites than Google, showing the power of social media for search.  Potentially, this impacts everyone’s marketing and advertising programs.


Are The Cloud And IoT Making PCs, Laptops And Tablets Irrelevant?  graph of electronic device sales 2010- 2016 and forecast to 2020

Smartphone sales are exploding and PC/laptop/tablet sales are declining.  Imagine using your TV as the monitor for your phone while projecting a holographic keyboard on your desk. This tells us that as smartphone capabilities improve, the larger devices could be almost entirely obsolete in a few years.  Be careful about spending on these larger technologies as you may dump them shortly like a VHS player.

Why the ‘Amazon Effect’ Is So Huge In The USA, And Not In Other Countries

Numerous studies now show that retail is overbuilt for current demand and for the forseeable future due to the growth of online shopping and sales.  You can expect a reduction in retail real estate use of 50%-67% in 5 to 10 years.  Think of the impacts on real estate value, property tax revenues, sales tax revenues and the unemployment rates.  A great many jobs will be lost especially for lower skilled and younger retail workers.

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