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Everyone’s success formula is constantly under attack. What made a company great, or a product great, or even an individual great is only as good as yesterday – and may not apply tomorrow. If we don’t understand this constant threat we are simply waiting to become irrelevant, or obsolete.

The greatest threat to all success comes from outside.

But we are not at the whim of externalities. We can understand them, and take action. However, the action we need to take is rarely about defending our old success formula from externalities. Instead it is about embracing external trends in order to maximize our offensive prowess in new directions.

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Is your strategy Amazon Prime, Netflix or Windows 10?

Microsoft created and dominated the personal computer world.  But users tired of unnecessary updates, especially as they shifted to mobile platforms that had advantages the PC could not match.  Microsoft’s relevancy waned.  Meanwhile rapidly moved from innovation to innovation, pioneering not only new products but entirely new business models that have shaken retail, distribution and consumer goods industries to their core. Leaders make choices. Is your future going to be a slide into irrelevancy, or are you going to innovate to grow?  Understand how to resource your future to adopt market shifts and innovate for growth.


  • Why most failures arise from sticking to your core
  • How to identify external forces that put you at risk
  • Breaking away from what you do to refocus on what customers value
  • How to put resources where the payoff is greatest
  • How to make the right future bets

Market disruptors don’t Get Ubered, how to stay ahead.

WalMart is the world’s greatest retailer – bigger and better than anyone before. But Walmart’s future is in the hands of innovator Amazon, who changed the game.  Being good at what you’ve always done isn’t worth much when it is so easy for innovators to change the rules.  Learn how to avoid being caught off guard, and instead be a fast-adapting organization that leverages innovation to grow and succeed.


  • How to tame your fear of external disruptions
  • Why your greatest strength is always your greatest weakness
  • Succeed by seeing trends, and adapting to them
  • Change the rules, rather than excelling at the game, to win
  • Cut your risk while improving your gains

Growth winners are Transformers not Avengers

Every super hero has a weakness.  And competitors figure it out fast.  Sears, Blackberry, Hostess Baking – they were the best at what they did, until competitors destroyed them. Today’s new superheroes are destroyed as fast as they  are born – Blackberry, mySpace, Sirius/XM….. Tomorrow’s winners are modeled on Netflix and Facebook – not trying to be Superman.  Instead they pivot – adapt —  transforming rapidly to meet changing customer needs using the latest trends so they don’t become obsolete.  Learn how you and your organization can be flexible to grow in an ever-changing marketplace


  • How to find your Kryptonite – it’s easier than you think
  • Recognizing your path to obsolescence
  • Using trends to leverage your success
  • Identifying game changing opportunities
  • Implementing Shapeshifting Teams