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Paul Foszcz Director of MarketingAt Spark Partners, we help develop a client mindset that winning requires adapting. We coach clients that innovation is all around them, driven by trends.  Companies either need to adapt existing business models or to leverage them by directed innovation.

Marketing in technical products requires an agile approach to anticipate and respond to rapid industry changes.  Paul’s 20-year track record as a leader in marketing management, developing and implementing sustainable growth, has included new products, services and revitalizing existing product lines.  His experience includes Fortune 100 companies such as DuPont and Fuji along with consulting work in B2B and technology products. As Director of Marketing  with Spark Partners, , Paul has developed some of our tools and insights such as “Stages of Innovation Management”, Forensic Marketing and  “Ansoff L” which helps clients visualize how they can minimize the risk in selecting projects for innovation and growth. He manages the social media outreach, CRM client engagement system, website and client project work.

Paul is also an Adjunct Professor in Marketing and Innovation at two Chicago area universities.

We create strategies to take advantage of emerging trends, to train companies around the globe how to unleash business growth through innovation. As new competitors and market shifting trends threaten everyone’s core business, Spark Partners can show you how to avoid be whipped by external forces and instead be an industry leader giving customers what they really need.

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