Adam Hartung’s latest ebook is available now!

This ebook provides investment, innovation and marketing insights on Facebook, one of the most important companies of this generation.

Facebook – The Making of a Great Company, by Adam Hartung

Ever since Congress started looking into how Facebook handles personal data the stock has been under pressure. Many analysts lowered expectations, believing that users would flee and its other sites Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

But that is not going to happen– Facebook is an integral part of far too many lives today.

I’ve just published a new ebook, available on, “Facebook – the Making of a Great Company.” As a follower of my website and my columns I’m making it available to you for a limited time at the deeply discounted price of 99 cents. Just go to the attached link and buy it now, before it goes up to a more reasonable price!

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I’ve followed Facebook since before it went IPO. It was not an accident that Facebook demolished MySpace. Facebook’s leaders have constantly innovated to make communicating easier, more robust, faster and more effective. And thus its tools have become indispensable parts of lives globally. As people used Facebook products, advertisers have been flocking to put their message in front of the right people, at the right time, making Facebook the most dominant media company of this decade. There are multiple lessons in this growth story for managers of all companies to appreciate.

I recommended buying Facebook when it IPO’d in 2012, and 6 years ago you could have bought the stock for $20. Even though Facebook has fallen from recent highs of $210, you would still have gained 800%. Now that the stock is down, in this book I explain why you want to buy Facebook and hold it for the next big gains.


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