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Holiday Newsletter 2016

by | Dec 22, 2016

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Happy Holidays and gifts for my loyal readers!

This is my last newsletter of 2016 and I have seen a strong growth in new subscribers to the email newsletter, follows on my Forbes blog and in visits to my website.  Thank you!

We have covered many topics around my passion- business growth through innovation.  In my presentations around the world this year, there has been one common challenge to growth- how to best target limited resources to maximize returns.  The best answer to identifying opportunities for disruptive innovation has been to look beyond the past internal and even industry trends and watch the trends outside the company, its current competitors and even the industry.

Disruptive innovation is so named because it often exists quietly on the fringes of the market, deep inside customers or in another market until it is suddenly “discovered.”  Mountain bikes, snowboarding, Walkman, etc. are examples of the technology curve meeting the market demand curve to produce an “overnight success”.  In celebrity circles it’s a performer perfecting his or her craft for years until preparation meets opportunity and just the right role catapults them to fame.

Here are the gifts:

  • Take our Trend Poll to see what trends are popular.
  • Download the TrendIQ Self-Evaluation to help you think about the value of trends in your innovation efforts.
Start the new year with a better insight on your Trend IQ, and a good understanding on how prepared you are to grow in 2017.

Click this link taking you to my web site.  Then take the Poll on what trends you are following, and how you obtain trend information.  Next, download the TrendIQ Evaluation.  Fill out the questions and use that as a mini audit on your use of trends in planning.

Happy Holidays to you and your families!  And we wish you a Merry Christmas!

Adam Hartung

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 “Ships go sailing far across the sea,
Trusting starlight to get where they need to be…
When it seems we have lost our way,
We find ourselves again on Christmas Day!  Believe….”

“Believe”, Josh Groban, Polar Express
Actions you can take
Don’t hesitate to ask for help in making your organization more adaptable, and your strategy embedded with options to change based on market shifts.  Forecasting those key trends will help tell you plan your innovation allocations for the next year.
How we can help
We are your experts at identifying trends, creating scenarios and building external, market monitoring systems.  We’ve done this kind of work for over 20 years, and bring a wealth of experience, and tools, to the task.  You don’t have to go into scenario planning alone; we can be your coach and mentor to speed learning, and success.

For more on how to include trends in your planning, I’ve created a “how-to” that you can adapt for your team.  See my Status Quo Risk Management Playbook.

Give us a call today, or send an email, so we can talk about how you can be a leader, rather than follower, in 2017 and beyond.  Or check out the rest of the website to read up on what we do so we can create the right level of engagement for you.

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