Of all the companies that typified America’s rise as an industrial superpower, none was more successful than General Motors.

What happened? Why has it fallen so far? GM at its biggest boasted some 600,000 well-paid employees. It will be left with something like 60,000 after it emerges from bankruptcy. How did that happen? Why did its stock price tumble from $96 per share at its height to 80 cents recently? Why did its market share shrink from one out of every two cars sold to less than one in five last quarter?

And thus begins the new ebook about the fall of GM.  In 1,000 words this ebook covers the source of GM’s success – as well as what led to its failure.  And what GM could have done differently – as well as why it didn’t do these things.  Read it, and share it.  Let folks know about it via Twitter.  Post to your Facebook page and groups, as well as your Linked-in groups.  As markets are shifting the fate of GM threatens all businesses.  Even those that are following the best practices that used to make money.  Let’s use the story of GM — and the costs its bankruptcy have had on employees, investors, vendors and the support organizations around the industry as well as government bodies — as a rallying cry to help turn around this recession and get our businesses growing again!

Fall of GM by Adam Hartung ebook

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