Create Marketplace Disruption:
How to stay ahead of the competition

Book: Create Marketplace DisruptionBy Adam Hartung, July 2008, FT Press

Some companies can’t change in response to market disruptions. Those companies die. Other companies do respond… eventually. They survive, but they see their profits squeezed, their growth flattened. Then there are the long-term winners; companies that create their own disruptions and thrive on change. In Create Marketplace Disruption, Adam Hartung shows how to become one of those rare companies, creating lasting growth and profits.

This book reveals why so many companies behave in ways that are utterly incompatible with long-term success… and why even “good to great” companies are struggling for air. You’ll discover how to reposition your organization away from the Flats and Swamps of traditional Defend and Extend Management and back into the Rapids of accelerated growth. Hartung demonstrates how to attack competitors’ Lock-ins, make their Success Formulas obsolete, and create the White Space needed to invent your own new formulas for success.

What you will learn

Create Marketplace Disruption shows how disrupting yourself is critical to reaping the benefits of market changes, and part of a process that can be reproduced over and over again. By reading this book, you will discover:

  • How we got into the mess and how to get out of it: The myth of perpetuity and the dark side of success.
  • That reinventing success means no more Defend and Extend: How to create your new Success Formulas and stay competitively advantaged.
  • Why “thinking outside the box” doesn’t work: First, get outside the box. Then, think!
  • How to maintain “The Phoenix Principle” for long-term success: Practicing Disruption until it comes naturally.

History of the Book: Twelve years in the making

As professional business consultant with almost 30 years experience, Adam Hartung is all too familiar with a common malady among today’s businesses. Regardless of how much the leaders and organizations are struggling to grow revenues and profits they cannot seem to break out of below-expectation performance. Even when hiring top advisors, consultants and employees, results do not respond as expected. They seem stuck, and unable to make changes which will lead to superb performance.

Why? This question which sparked a more than 12 year analysis to determine the root of—and the solution to—the problem. Geoffrey Moore encouraged Adam to put his findings into a book, which he now endorses on the cover. The principles now covered in Create Marketplace Disruption have been affirmed as “fresh and much needed” by Tom Peters, and “a revolutionary message” by Malcolm Gladwell. Bill Gates’ co-author, Collins Hemingway, considers Create Marketplace Disruption a must read, as he details in the Foreword.

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What Thought Leaders are saying
about Create Marketplace Disruption

“Companies that cannot change die. Companies that respond eventually survive but see their profits squeezed, their growth flattened. Long-term winners create their own disruptions and thrive on change. Hartung shows how to become one of the winning companies: how to attack competitors’ lock-ins, make their success formulas obsolete, and create the space needed to invent formulas for success.”

Harvard Business School Bulletin, March, 2009

“How do you participate in market disruptions which threaten your current leadership status? In this book Adam Hartung shows the kind of thinking needed to deal with the creative destruction that underlies global capitalism today.”

Geoffrey Moore, author Dealing with Darwin” and “Crossing the Chasm”, Managing Director TCG-Advisors venture capital, September, 2008

“Create Marketplace Disruptions is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. Adam Hartung offers business managers and leaders new insights to long-term success that apply across markets and industries.”

Steve Burke, President Comcast, August, 2008

“This is a disruptive book. In times of ever accelerating, deep change survival through “ever better management” is an illusion. This is the book for the entrepreneur in us. Unite the entrepreneurial soul with corporate resourcefulness. Adam’s framework should be tried.”

Jost Stollman, Shadow Minister Economy and Technology Federal Republic of Germany, July, 2008

“The Fortune 1000 is a very fluid list. They become successful doing something right, but then keep doing that (because it’s what they know) even when marketplace conditions change. Companies need to reinvent themselves, become flexible, and do something completely different.”

Nick Morgan, CEO Public Words, February, 2009

“In what is possibly one of most stimulating books ever written on business management, Adam Hartung explores various ways for a corporation to achieve adaptive success: such as stop the ‘Defend & Extend’ old habits, generate controlled disruptions of the corporate personality, and create autonomous ‘White Space’ to continuously create revised success formulas.”

Jean-Louis Vullierme, global venture capitalist, January, 2009

“Talking innovation is easier than practicing innovation. Adam offers an excellent approach for corporations to identify how to innovate to gain competitive advantage. A must read.”

Praveen Gupta, President, Accelper Consulting, author Business Innovation in the 21st Century, The Six Sigma Performance Handbook and Six Sigma Business Scorecard, September, 2008

“Adam Hartung gives a workable guide to overcome business inertia. Create disruption in your own business to keep ahead of the competition. Hartung looks at the reasons why businesses have difficulty changing, and provides help in overcoming those issues. Create Marketplace Disruption is an easy to read, helpful book and recommended.”

Sacramento Book Review, November, 2008

“Adam Hartung has forever changed the paradigm of what constitutes the leadership of change and innovation. He provides answers to why so many good organizations fail. He shows how leaders trained to focus on core competencies and customers may be sowing the seeds for their organization’s destruction in a time of accelerating change.”

Paul Davis, President Scanlon Leadership Network, October, 2008

“Adam Hartung offers courageous leaders a new language system and framework for generating long term profitable growth. Rich with compelling metaphors, stories, and illustrations, Create Marketplace Disruptions explains why even aggressive efforts to reinvent fail. Hartung provides leaders with practical tools for keeping companies ahead of declining results and obsolescence. Every leader needs to understand Hartung’s framework and heed his advice.”

Judi Rosen, Managing Director, CSC Index and President, The Concours Group, August, 2008

“Create Marketplace Disruption provides a model for competing more effectively in our constantly changing markets. Leapfrogging tired concepts which have largely focused on doing more of what you’ve always done, Adam Hartung focuses us on doing what it takes to do better. This is the book that all executives who want to leave a positive legacy must read!”

Ron Kirschner, Chairman Heartland Angels venture capital, December, 2008

“Adam Hartung blends stunning lessons learned from the fallen giants of business with set-you-back-in-your-seat insights that make this a must read for all business leaders of large and small companies alike. Hartung provides an intelligent blueprint for achieving what every business craves — competitive advantage and renewable growth. Smart, sophisticated treatment of a topic that no business executive worth his /her stock options can ignore — how to grow and differentiate your business.”

John Popoli, President Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, January, 2009

“Create Marketplace Disruption is an engaging, enlightening, frightening, and occasionally upsetting book. Its contents will repay careful thought and periodic revisiting. It’s a book to keep in mind, and close at hand, whenever an organization faces the need to develop an effective plan for the future.”

Dr. Michael Vitale, Asia-Pacific Centre for Science and Wealth Creation, October, 2008

“The insights provided by Adam Hartung makes this book a must-read for all entrepreneurs. This is a blueprint for generating more wealth and getting to investor returns faster.”

William A Johnson, Founder and CEO CAER Group, March, 2009

“Creating Marketplace Disruptions is an outstanding approach for creating and maintaining growth and profitability in an increasingly dynamic and uncertain global economy. More importantly, the book moves beyond concepts with a well crafted set of tools and techniques for implementing change that are relevant regardless of industry or company size”

Sumeet Goel, Managing Director, HighPoint Associates, July, 2008

“Adam Hartung presents a fresh perspective and compelling case that demands business leaders pursue new markets – thirst to disrupt the status quo. Every business should apply Mr. Hartung’s principles – only hiring those individuals prepared to question the corporate culture, and vigorously willing to pursue White Space.”

Ken Daubenspeck, Chairman and CEO KDA global management recruiters, October, 2008



Adam's book reveals the truth about how to use strategy to outpace the competition.

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