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November 2015

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Where have I been?


For the last 2 years, I’ve been deeply involved with the National Association of Corporate Directors. After completing coursework on legal and strategic elements of public directorship, I achieved certification as an NACD Board Leadership Fellow. Also because “black hat” activities have reached into the corporate world, as a director, I needed to be prepared and I completed the certification training on “Cybersecurity and the Board of Directors.”

I created a program on Status Quo Risk Management and Board Diversity for NACD and rolled it out at several events. NACD asked me to participate in two recent videos on the issue of status quo management and need for diversity in Board experience.

One of my quotes from “Create Marketplace Disruption” has gained in popularity:

“Don’t think outside the box, get outside the box, then think!” Hartung

What’s up now?Forbes / Leadership

I continue to write for Forbes, where I’m still the top Leadership columnist with over 7 million page views. Tesla Since 2010 I’ve been writing a column for CIO Magazine. After its founding almost 30 years ago when “CIO” was a new title, CIO Magazine is transitioning out of print publication. I was delighted to write for a final edition, with a column highlighting the trend toward ever greater technology usage and the capability of CIOs moving into the CEO office. CIO This summer, I was also honored to be named by PR/Newswire as Blogger of the month with a number of thought provoking popular posts. Blogger

I was selected as the Audit Committee Chair for a NASDAQ traded tech company, and continue to grow my work as a Board member and Board advisor. I’m also re-engaging with companies on how to energize growth by targeting competitors’ “lock-ins.” And looking forward to seeing how I can help you with a keynote or workshop on enhancing growth and managing status quo risk.

Adam’s Upcoming Events

Brazil Keynote speaker for the “Technologia e Infraestructura” conference
Discover Keynote for the on-line bank division’s annual management meeting