Do Earnings Announcements Matter? Not To Smart CEOs

Every quarter I have to be reminded that “earnings season” is again upon us.  The ritual of public companies announcing their sales and profits from recent quarters that generates a lot of attention in the business press.  And I always wonder why this is a big deal.   What really matters to investors, employees, customers…


How this Zebra Changed Its Stripes – Bold Move

Zebra Technologies is a company most people don’t recognize.  Yet, I bet every product you buy has the product on which they specialize. Since 1982 Zebra has been the leader in bar code printers and readers.  Zebra was a pioneer in the application of bar codes for tracking pallets through warehouses, items used in a…


Tesla is Smarter Than Other Auto Companies

“Car dealers are idiots” said my friend as she sat down for a cocktail. It was evening, and this Vice President of a large health care equipment company was meeting me to brainstorm some business ideas. I asked her how her day went, when she gave the response above. She then proceeded to tell me…


Why Microsoft is Still Speculative

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast” (Alexander Pope) As it does for most investors.  People do not like to accept the notion that a business will lose relevancy, and its value will fall.  Especially really big companies that are household brand names.  Investors, like customers, prefer to think large, established companies will continue to…


The Race to Communicate – Was Malaysia Airlines Right to Text The Lost Plane?

5:00pm, September 20, 2009 was when I got the call. Someone’s telling me to call the Wisconsin Highway Patrol, my oldest son was in a terrible accident.  Then I call the police, who tell me my son has been airlifted to a hospital.  I’m in the car, madly driving 500 miles toward the hospital, talking…

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Like Sbarro, Will You Be the Next Domino to Fall?

Understanding trends is the most important part of planning. Yet, most business planning focuses on internal operations and how to improve them, usually neglecting trends and changes in the external environment that threaten not only sales and profits but the business’ very existence. Take Sbarro’s recent bankruptcy.  That was easy to predict, especially since it’s the second time down…


Obamacare – America’s Greatest Legislation Since the Civil Rights Act?

Obamacare is looking like an economic game changer that will drive long-term health care affordability in America


The Smart Leadership Lessons from Facebook’s WhatsApp Acquisition

Look past the stated $19B price and you’ll see the smart reasons why Facebook bought WhatsApp and the lesson this offers for all business leaders.


Microsoft Should Give XBox Biz to Nintendo

Nintendo and Sony are in a no-profit fight-to-the-death war for game console sales. Microsoft should get out now to avoid future losses.

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Embracing a Higher Minimum Wage – to Win

The trend is to a higher minimum wage. Embracing it can lead to success, while fighting it can lead to disaster. Future performance will link to adaptability, not execution of a success formula rendered obsolete by market shifts


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