Ed Lampert of Sears

Five Worst CEOs Revisited – How Many Jobs Did They Create this Labor Day?

It’s Labor Day, and a time when we naturally think about our jobs. When it comes to jobs creation, no role is more critical than the CEO.  No company will enter into a growth phase, selling more product and expanding employment, unless the CEO agrees.  Likewise, no company will shrink, incurring job losses due to…


Is your company anti-vacation? It’s time to rethink employee time off

Have you taken a summer vacation?  It’s almost Labor Day. Peak vacation time is Memorial Day to Labor Day. Almost since the Industrial Revolution began, removing people from farms, the family vacation – away from work and other grinds – has been a much desired, and remembered, treasure. If you haven’t taken all your days…

Dynatac phone

Motorola’s Road to Irrelevancy – Focusing on Its Core

Remember the RAZR phone?  Whatever happened to that company? Motorola has a great tradition.  Motorola pioneered the development of wireless communications, and was once a leader in all things radio – as well as made TVs.  In an earlier era Motorola was the company that provided 2-way radios (and walkie-talkies for those old enough to…

Custer Tries Holding Off An Unstoppable Native American Force

Microsoft’s Last Stand

Over the last couple of weeks big announcements from Apple, IBM and Microsoft have set the stage for what is likely to be Microsoft’s last stand to maintain any sense of personal technology leadership. To many consumers the IBM and Apple partnership probably sounded semi-interesting.  An app for airplane fuel management by commercial pilots is…

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Walmart Investors Should Worry about Tracy Morgan Lawsuit – A Lot

Famed actor and comedian Tracy Morgan has filed a lawsuit against Walmart.  He was seriously injured, and his companion and fellow comedian James McNair was killed, when their chauffeured vehicle was struck by a WalMart truck going too fast under the control of an overly tired driver. It would be easy to write this off…

crumbs cupcake

Two Lessons For Us All from Crumbled Crumbs Bake Shop

Crumbs Bake Shop – a small chain of cupcake shops, almost totally unknown outside of New York City and Washington, DC – announced it was going out of business today.  Normally, this would not be newsworthy.  Even though NASDAQ traded, Crumbs small revenues, losses and rapidly shrinking equity made it economically meaningless.  But, it is…

Hobby Lobby Store

Hobby Lobby – Win the Battle, Risk Losing the War

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and against the U.S. government in a case revolving around health care for employees.  I’m a business person, not a lawyer, so to me it was key to understand from a business viewpoint exactly what Hobby Lobby “won.” It appears Hobby Lobby’s leaders “won”…

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Amazon's new Kindle Fire smartphone

The Kindle Smartphone is a Game Changer – But Not As You Think

Yesterday Amazon launched its new Kindle Fire smartphone. “Ho-hum” you, and a lot of other people, said.  “Why?”  “What’s so great about this phone?” The market is dominated by Apple and Samsung, to the point we no longer care about Blackberry – and have pretty much forgotten about all the money spent by Microsoft to…

Charlie Sheen, Conner Greene, Jeff Ballard on set of "Anger Management"

Herding Cats – 4 Leadership Lessons from Top Publicist Jeff Ballard

Charlie Sheen, Chandler Massey, Johnny Depp, Paula Abdul, Zac Efron, Rob Lowe, John Davidson, Dick van Patten… This is just a short, partial list of the people Jeff Ballard works with, and has worked with in some cases for nearly 30 years, as one of the top publicists in the entertainment industry. Often CEOs will…

lifecycle slide

Will Steve Ballmer Be a Good LA Clippers Leader?

Anyone who reads my column knows I’ve been no fan of Steve Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft.  On multiple occasions I chastised him for bad decisions around investing corporate funds in products that are unlikely to succeed.  I even called him the worst CEO in America.  The Washington Post even had difficulty finding reputable folks…

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