The Trend To Facebook Referrals Is A Risk To Google Search

Friday night, on the way home from work, you could type a search: “Restaurants nearby.” But, what about your friends- where might they want to eat? It’s the traditional face-to-face relationship process but via digital. So you type, “Hey, any ideas on where we should eat?” Because they know us, and where we are, they fire back specific answers like: “the Mexican place on Main.” They answers much faster and more collaboratively than Google.

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The #1 Real Estate Stock To Own Is Built On Trends – Alexandria Real Estate Equities (NYSE:ARE)

Pharmaceutical companies traditionally built their headquarters and labs in suburban locations where development was easy. Skilled employees preferred urban environments where land was at a premium. Alexandria realized the new trend for emerging companies was to be near universities and recent grads in urban environments, and although land was costly — and development more difficult — this was the right place to leverage the trend. Alexandria tracked the trends in employers, research people, competitors, and, of course, real estate to create a winning concept and a $10 B company.

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Product Lifecycle as River of Trends

“Mark twain” actually meant that the river was only 12 feet deep-barely enough for steamers. Rivers are like trends.  Rivers eventually change the terrain, as do trends, and those who take advantage of these changes benefit greatly – while those who ignore such changes can run aground on a sandbar in the river.

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